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As we fucked I wrapped my stockinged thighs around his slim waist Featured

When my husband left me last year I gave up on men for a while. He buggered off with some young slapper from his office and at nearly 40 years of age I couldn’t see how I was going to get myself back on the dating market as most of my girlfriends were married and I'd become a bit boring in my old age.

Luckily the urge for a good fucking took over a few weeks back and I decided to go out and get me some cock!

I'd plucked up the courage last Friday to go into town on my own and see what developed. I’d just finished applying my make-up and was checking myself out in the mirror when there was a knock at the door.

Pete lived in a flat in my block and I'd always said hello when we bumped into each other on the stairs as he was drop dead gorgeous but unfortunately only about nineteen, so apart from using him in a few wank fantasies I’d never considered him as a potential fuck.

He'd come round wanting sponsorship for a parachute jump he was doing for charity and it may have been down to the half a bottle of red I'd already drunk, but I invited him in.

He was obviously an athletic guy by the way he moved and I couldn't take my eyes off his muscled arms while it seems he couldn't take his eyes off my big breasts bulging out of the top of my tight blouse as I fixed us both some wine and sat next to him on the settee. My skirt was a bit too short for my age, but Pete didn’t seem to mind as we chatted, flirted and finished the bottle.

By bottle two, Pete’s hand was gently stroking my black nylon clad thigh and I was leaning into his firm young body, giving him an excellent view of my cleavage as I ran my fingers playfully through his thick blonde hair.

My pussy was getting nice and wet as his fingers traced slowly upwards, and when he pressed his lips against mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth I thought I was going to come there and then.

Raising my leg over his, I reached for his crotch as Pete thrust his hand in between my parted thighs. I felt the bulging hard mound of his prick at exactly the same time as his fingers delved inside my panties and touched the freshly shaved lips of my moistening twat.

I pressed my mouth hard against his and frantically released the top of his jeans, desperate to feel a throbbing dick in my hand again. He eased a digit into my hole and expertly started to finger me as I freed his meat and dragged back his foreskin. It felt so good rubbing that stiff, smooth cock and I needed to feel it in my mouth so I lowered my head and slurped the thick rounded end between my lips. Pete groaned and ground another finger into me using his other hand to yank open my top in order to get at my tits. I was relishing the salty taste of Pete's thick shaft as he groped my knockers, kneading the hard nipples with his fingers.

Months of pent up frustration suddenly exploded through my aching pussy and I came all over his wriggling fingers as I stuffed that rigid dick against the back of my throat, sucking passionately as the thought of a mouthful of thick creamy spunk made my orgasm even more intense and the sticky pussy juices literally poured out of my slit, soaking everything around it.

I was gasping for breath as my climax began to subside and I knew I had to get that pole of love jammed in my fanny as quick as possible. Pete's taut young body felt so good pressed against my big tits, and I threw myself back into my seat and spread my legs as wide as I could.

He stood up and stared down at my trembling boobs and juice-coated pussy as I thrust two fingers into the squelching mess and licked my lipsticked lips for him like some sort of slut. Pete's rock hard cock jutted out towards me and, leering at my filthy display, he wanked over me as I fingered myself, smearing my own sticky juices over my thighs and stocking tops for effect.

Gaping my glistening hole for him with both hands, I wriggled further down into the settee and awaited his delicious meat inside me. Pete knelt on the floor and roughly grabbed my thighs spreading me wider open as he placed his angry purple knob at the entrance to my tunnel. He teased me for a while rubbing the tip up and down in the goo, brushing my clit and driving me nearly insane with lust.

Suddenly he slid it up me, pushing that gorgeous shaft straight into my slippery passage until his heavy balls slapped against my arsecheeks. He fell on top of me, crushing my breasts with his smooth toned chest as he slid his hands beneath my buttocks and drove his meat deeper. God he felt good, and as he withdrew and then slipped back in I came again, bucking and jerking like a wild thing beneath his pelvis.

As we fucked I wrapped my stockinged thighs around his slim waist, while he pervertedly slipped a finger into the crack of my arse and pressed it into my rear. The sex slime from my orgasms lubricating his finger and it disappeared a couple of inches inside me, creating a lovely burning sensation as he continued to pump my twat. My ex had never fingered my arsehole, and with my pussy full of dick at the same time I was realising what I had been missing.

Pete was obviously about to come, and as it had been so long I wanted to see all that lovely sperm, so as his body tensed I pulled that shiny glazed prick from my dripping hole and pointed it at my boobs.

Pete grunted and fired a load of sperm straight into my face from about three feet. I barely had time to lick some from my chin before another dollop splattered onto my quivering tits and then another. His jizz was squirting all over me, soaking me in seed as he wanked his youthful manhood in order to drain it completely.

I was covered in spunk which was just how I like it and smeared the sticky goo all over my knockers, thighs and stomach as Pete watched. He stuck his come coated dick back inside my twat and we carried on fucking, his meat recovering it’s erection almost immediately.

Pete screwed me four times in all that night and now pops in every couple of days for a repeat performance.

I feel like a new woman, and can't wait to find out how many other young studs out there want to bury their dicks in my eager twat.

Joan, 39, Bude