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Breaking Adam's abstinence

The time had come. Adam arid ' his girlfriend KaclieI had broken up almost a month ago, and I wanted some of what she’d foolishly thrown away. He was cute and smart and if he wasn't going to make a move when he saw me in our geology class, I decided l‘d base to do something about it myself before the end of the semester. Me, Lauren Sue McSwade, 21st Century Adventuress. Since I'd given up my V-card last November, I was keeping pretty active out of my panties.

Luckily Adam lived in the same dorm complex that I did, just on the other side. I took a walk over the connecting bridge one night to see what was up. It was quiet on his floor. Everybody was studying for finals. I found his door and knocked.

“It’s open," came his voice. I thought I’d find Adam poring over some book but he was listening to music on his iPod and texting someone. “Oh, hey McSwade. What’s going on?" lie finished his text and put the phone down.

“You tell me,” I said, closing the door and sitting down on the floor with him. I knew his roommate was at the library.

“Tell you what?" “You’re not a tool, so what’s the problem. Adam?”

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“I don’t know what you mean.” But he took a glance at my titties as they shuffled around under my tee.

“Why you playing dumb and humiliating me. Adam? You know I like you. Everybody knows. And they know you like me, too! And since Rachel was so ready to kick you to the curb like the thoughtless dwarf she is. I thought maybe you’d come to your senses.”

“She’s not a dwarf, she’s just petite. And dwarf is a word that people

shouldn’t use any more.” He took out his ear buds and put the rod aside, “look, I know what you feel, and I do like you, but I’m the wagon. Abstinence is the word. The V-card, McSwade. If I wasn't celibate, you’d be my first choice."

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“Aw, did you get your feelings hurt by mean ole Rachel? You're gonna turn into some kind of emo boy, Adam?”

“No reason to get abusive." But he was checking out my tits again. Now my nipples were hard, and not because it was chilly in the room. I get turned on when I'm assertive. I crossed my arms over my chest so he wouldn’t get any more of the free show, then I sat up straight.

“Somebody told me you wrote that anonymous editorial in the campus paper praising masturbation. I hat’s not abstinence."

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“It’s only rumors I wrote that letter. Well, all right, I admit I did. I was I feeling philosophical, and I had a I lot of brew that night. Ask my roomie."

“3.2 beer made you write that?” Hindenburg College was in a dry town, but the supermart could sell 3.2. “I can’t see you as the permanent whacking off type, Adam dear.” I knew that with my arms crossed, I gave off a schoolteacher vibe, and I hoped it would work some magic. Make him feel ashamed of pulling his peter, because it sure sounded from that letter that he was pulling it a lot. The paper publishes anything these days to stir up controversy.

"I was just being droll, McSwade. Well, maybe I was trippin’ a little."

“I can understand why you overreacted," I said. “Rachel really owned you, and she made you look bad. She was like a Napoleon with a vagina. Everybody could see it. And then, when she started fooling around with that creeper from her history seminar-ugh. What did she see in him?” I uncrossed my arms and put my hand on Adam’s leg. He was wearing shorts, and it was nice to feel the cool smoothness of his thigh.

“Well, you call him a creeper, but a lotta girls think he’s a dime.”

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“He’s not ten on my scale. Don’t let Rachel turn you into a monk. Adam.”

I reached over and kissed him quickly on the mouth, then retreated. He didn’t back away. So much for his “philosophical" principles, I thought, so then I moved close again and kissed him longer.

“You might make me throw away a valuable life experience, Lauren Sue,” he said, as our tongues broke apart for a minute. “Maybe I’ll leant something if I stick with the А-card for awhile."

“Leant what?"

“Can’t tell you till I leant it. Guess I won't leant it now!" And then he kissed me harder and one hand went straight for my boobs.

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Wo stretched out on the floor awhile, and Adam pulled up my tee and sucked on my nipples. He was hungry, all right - I guess that's what a month of abstinence will do to a guy. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through his hair. I could hear myself moaning and I couldn’t have been happier.

Suddenly he broke away and sat on the bed. "No! You’re gonna do the same thing to me that Rachel did. Dump me for some jerk. Girls are heartless these days. If I don’t stick with the V-card. I’ll always be weak. If I know I have the V- card on my resume, I’ll be ready to retreat when I have to, gather my forces, man up. and be ready for the next skirmish.”

"Adam, are you in Professor Stevens course on the Punic Wars?"

"How did you guess?"

“Come here, General Hannibal,” I said, “show me that Carthaginian cock.”

Ah, when it came to his principles. Adam was a pussy, and I was glad for it. Me was putty in the hands of a girl like me. Fresh from losing my V-card and looking my best for it, from my hair to my titties to my kitty to my toes. I was damn near irresistible. Hey,that's it,call me Irresistible McSwade.

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I stood up, pulled off my tee and sneaks and hiked up my skirt and then I pulled off his clothes and pushed him back on the bed and stroked his prick, lie was already hard, and I put it in my mouth. He held me gently by my hair and moved my face up and down on his pretty inches. I wonder if he would have been mad if he knew I thought they were pretty, but I did. His balls loo. Yeah, I really spent a lot of time on those, licking them and taking them in my mouth. The things I've done since I lost my V-card...

“All right, if I’m going to break abstinence, let me participate too,” said Adam, tugging me up higher on the bed and putting my bead on the pillow. He opened my legs and angled his cock down toward my wetness.

I lifted my face so I could see him go in. After the first inch I just closed my lids and saw it all in my mind’s eye. felt him fucking me. He held my ankles apart, firmly but not too hard, and he plunged back and forth so nicely.

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“Oh boy, I wasn’t expecting this! Oh boy, I promise I'll last longer next time!" Oh boy-ohh!” And then suddenly he pulled out and squirted his stuff all over my tummy. I couldn’t blame him. After all. he’d been taking that А-card thing pretty seriously for a whole solid month.

"Shit!” he said, slumping on the bed. He put his hand on my pussy. “I forgot how hot these things get!”

"You ain’t seen nothin' yet, mister!” After all, I’d come there for an orgasm, and a little while later I made sure I got it!"

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