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Game Time

My boyfriend placed my hand on the bulge in his pants and asked if I'd been bad I said I had. "You know what happens to bad little girls, don't you?" he asked.

“I certainly do," I said, as my cunt instantly got wet. I put on a plain miniskirt, a white blouse, and knee socks. I returned to the bed, my nipples hard under the thin shirt, my pussy damp and swollen.

"Come here." he said. I took my time, knowing what was coming.

He bent me over his knee and my skirt rode up, exposing my bare ass. He fondled me for a bit, then lightly slapped my ass cheeks several times I felt a tingle and groaned as he slid his fingers over my wet folds. He knew I needed more but he held back, teasing me. I was so horny and wet. I was squirming on his lap.

Just when I thought I'd have to cry uncle, he put me down on the floor on my knees. I clasped my hands behind my back, watching as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. I took the head between my lips, savoring the salty taste of his pre-come. Then, without any warning. I deep-throated him and heard him moan. I love it when he thinks he's in control.

I kept up the pressure until he was about to lose it. Then I pulled back and sat on my heels as he got himself under control. "That's enough," he said. "Get on the bed."

I lay on my back, raised my arms, and held on to the brass headboard while he removed his clothes. Then I closed my eyes and waited. He opened my shirt, then blew lightly on my hard nipples, making them stiffen even more. I groaned as his tongue licked my tits. I wanted to let go of the headboard and pull his head hard to my aching breasts, but-as if he could read my mind - he said. “No hands, Claire. You know the rules."

I did know the rules - we'd made them up together. He moved from one tit to the other, and the sensation went straight to my dit. I kept reminding myself to keep still. If he knew how horny I was and how much I wanted him inside me, he’d only prolong the sweet torture. My only consolation was that his cock was rock-hard and he was just as desperate as I was.

Then I felt the head of his cock slide against my snatch, If he could hold out, so could I. I remained still as he teased me mercilessly. When I opened my eyes, he was looking right into them, gauging my readiness. I gave up nothing as I watched the veins along his neck stand out from the strain of staying in control. I could tell he was losing the battle, and not a moment too soon. Another second and I'd have him.

Suddenly, he thrust forward and into me, no longer willing to ignore his own need. His strokes were fast and deep, and our tongues fought their own war of dominance. Then his hot mouth and tongue were on my tits again, and before I could cry out my release, he buried his head in my shoulder, gasped, and came hard, pulsing into me.

"That one was a tie, right?" he asked afterward, lazily.

"In your dreams." I said. "You definitely caved first, so it's my turn."

I reached under the bed, pulled out a couple of ties, and told him to get ready.