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Just us girls

Last summer, my husband Reece borrowed a friend's beach house for a week- long vacation. The area turned out to be a little more upscale than I’d expected, and the houses were quite luxurious. Ours was lovely, but it was nothing compared to the one next door, which was two stories high with a hot tub on the second-story deck and a sweeping view of the beach

The couple staying there looked to be around our age - late thirties- and seemed very down-to-earth, with Dave inviting Reece to the local sports bar to catch the ball game on the huge flat-screen TV. while his wife suggested that I come over later to enjoy the sunset from the hot tub. She even winked at me and said. "No swimsuits allowed, since it's just us girls."

The husband. Dave, was rock-star handsome - not pretty-boy handsome. but he hit all the right notes as far as I was concerned, along with being tall and lean. His wife. Sophie, appeared to be a natural blonde with beautiful green eyes and a figure I knew appealed to Reece.

Reece had been gone for a couple of hours when I tied a sarong around my sunburned body and headed next door Sophie met me with two bottles of hard lemonade, and I followed her to the upper deck The view really was spectacular. and as the sun began to set. a full moon shimmered on the water. Sophie removed her robe and reclined on a lounge chair I removed my sarong, and quickly slipped into the tub. but the hot water did not feel good on my sunburn. I quickly climbed out of the tub and started to put on my sarong. Sophie stopped me. saying she had some aloe lotion for my hot. tender skin.

After placing a large beach towel on a lounge chair and telling me to lie on my stomach, she gently began rubbing the soothing lotion into my back and arms. When she rubbed my back, her fingers slid around to the sides of my breasts Then she worked her way down to my ass. Even though my butt wasn't sunburned, she began applying the lotion to my ass cheeks, rubbing and squeezing and making me hotter, despite the cooling effect of the aloe.

At that point, I was more than a little excited by Sophie’s touch, and I eagerly rolled onto my back at her direction. When she touched my breasts, she cupped one with each hand, her fingers playing with my nipples. When she leaned over and sucked one into her mouth. I moaned. They were firm and protruding, and she alternately flicked one. then the other, with her tongue.

Sophie’s next move was to push my legs apart and place my feet on the deck, then wedge a firm pillow under my hips. I was already wet from the feel of her teasing hands and the slick lotion. When she lightly ran a finger between my pussy lips, almost but not quite entering my cunt. I nearly jumped. She continued teasing me, squeezing my lips and rubbing her finger from my clit to my ass.

As she gently spread my cunt lips, she leaned down and ran her tongue slowly up and down between them She slid a finger into my pussy and moved it in and out while her tongue circled and teased my clit. As the pleasure and tension increased. I raised my hips, and her soft lips and tongue continued to bring me closer to climax. When the orgasm hit me. the pressure and tension that had been building within me snapped, and I cried out my release, drenching Sophie's fingers and face.

Feeling totally relaxed and as if my body had become completely boneless, I collapsed, pulling Sophie up for a deep kiss, noting how much I enjoyed tasting myself on her lips.

Not even the sound of Dave and Reece coming up the stairs was enough to stop our languid make- out session. Seeing Sophie and me entwined in each other's arms came as no surprise to Sophie's husband As for Reece, that was an entirely different matter. But you'll have to wait for my next letter to find out what happened after that!