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Reality sucks

This is a real story and it happened to me. I was in the empty laundry room of my apartment building and the hum of the few washers and dryers lulled and comforted me after a long day at work. To pass the time, I put on my headphones and settled into the sounds on my music player. I closed my eyes and relaxed against the washer, lost instantly to the music and the vibrations from the washer which enveloped me.

Not ten minutes into it, my mind wandering from song to song, I leaned forward across the washer, swaying my hips to the beat. Suddenly it was then that I became aware of the lightest of touches against my neck, and then another on my shoulder as soft hands reached around moving against me. I feel a warm, hard body as the straps of my dress slip from my shoulders to my arms. Soft kisses on my cheek, neck and shoulder and I arch my back and turn my head around towards the warmth.

My eyes are still closed when warm lips find mine. First softly they kiss me, sweetly caressing mine, then more urgently until a searching tongue finds its way between my lips and is met with mine. The hands leave my shoulders. One finds its way inside my dress to my breasts; nipples now awakened by the rough touch, are pinched and tormented. The other hand slips lower, just barely brushing against stomach until it slides my hem up to reveal my panties and then slips inside the elastic band.

I find myself grinding against a sudden hardness pressing against my lower back and at the same time against the two fingers that have opened me up to allow the third to work expertly on my clit.

I moan desperately as it is slowly dipped inside then back again precisely rubbing across its now slick target. Like the clothes in the washer in front of me, I am being

worked to lather. I cannot contain a shiver as I feel my undies peeled to the side from behind and I am lifted slightly.

A hot, hard cock slides easily between my thighs and presses against my wet swollen clit, lingering and retreating. I cry out as I am driven crazy by the sensations and my legs are trembling and then when strong hands hold me by the hips, the thrusting begins at last. I am pressed hard against the washer which is now vibrating madly on its spin cycle, sending delicious sensations through me from the front while I am riding against him.

The soaked lace from my panties is rubbing across my clit with each thrust sending tremors through me and I feel myself clamping down onto his cock as I start to cum. Crying out I fall forward onto the machine which finished its spinning, just as I did.

Suddenly the earphones are roughly pulled from my left ear.

A woman’s voice is asking me if I am alright. I open my eyes and notice it’s the manager. I say, “Yeah, yeah. I’m alright.” as I look around the room searching for that warm, hard body.