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Dolly Diamond: Boom! She's back!

Photographer: Tristan Manas

Welcome Dolly, we’re so thrilled to have you in Elite again Dolly. Did you have fun shooting for us?

When you guys got in touch asking me to be involved I jumped at the opportunity. I love being part of the Elite family. The shoot was with Tristan, who I have been wanting to shoot with for a very long time, so it was a dream for me!

What is like to grace our cover for the 2nd time?

I never expected to be back on the cover for Elite, so you can imagine just how bloody excited I got. It’s rad.

What was it like to shoot with Tristran?

Tristan is a babe and a butt God. No, seriously... He is.

You always seem so effortless on camera, is it hard reinventing yourself for new features?

I’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities lately and I’ve been incredibly fortunate that creatives want to help me reinvent myself. This awesome dude called Stevie English looks after my locks while I try and channel different models I like into my shoots - pose wise - and enjoy seeing the results of my take on my inspirations.

So you are living in Australia these days... how so?

I’m back studying. If you know of a citizen or resident over here who would be mad enough to wed me, holla.

What is the most British thing you do?

Drink tea, snort with laughter and say ‘oh bloody hell’ while watching Harry Potter.

Something you wear with aplomb is your tattoos. We bet you are starting to put together quite a collection. What is your favourite piece?

My sleeve by Ben Doukakis. However I’m already booked in for a couple more and I think they are going to be the best yet.

What is the most Australian thing you do?

Camping on the beach and riding a quad bike at night on the hunt for crocodiles.

You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful people we have met! Have you always thought you wanted to model or did it just happen?

Blush - you guys! It happened. I was originally scouted when I was a young teen and years later I decided it was something I wanted to pursue.

Every time of the year seems exciting for you. You’re always up to something. When is your chill time and what do you get up to?

I find it very hard to chill and switch off, so I often plan an adventure which involves me taking pictures at night of the Milky Way on a beach some place. Cuddle Sundays are always the best, too.

What’s next for Dolly? I have no idea, ask me after this cuppa.

It was clear from your feature you have a great figure! Where does that come from? Do you have to work for it or is it just good jeans/genes? I’ve been blessed with a steady metabolism but I realised I was getting really untoned and unfit so I joined the gym again and have cut a lot of sugar and alcohol out. I also walk everywhere and plan outdoor activities. I prefer to be outdoors running around taking photos that constantly lifting in the gym.

What are your favourite memories from your amazing modelling career so far?

Shooting covers for magazines and exploring australian wildlife and landscapes. Someone once asked me to describe "beautiful" in two words and I said dolly diamond. You’re a definite icon of just generall amazingness too. do you see yourself as a cool person?

I had this exact discussion with someone recently. My modelling is a persona which i find entertaining when people think i walk around thinking I’m a princess. I’ve never been cool. I’d like to think I’m not a total dweeb but hey, they’re cool in their own way too.

You have some of the best boobs going! What is your personal fave body part?

My boobies! They are 5 months old and they’re fun and bouncy.

With that in mind, which person do you think has the best boobs at the moment?

Hylia suicide, coco_ mek, Unimerce and Abby Dowse - all Instagram ladies!

Inspiration is important to you, be it music, him or books. What is inspiring you at the moment?

Techno and chilled house keeps me level while old school hip hop keeps me smiling. Anything I can bust some shapes to then I’m feeling good. Harry Potter reminds me of my hometown and I’ll always remember the beautiful city 1 was born. Mostly it’s people who take awesome astrophotography around the globe.

Are you a homebird or someone that prefers a night on the town?

I live for good party, but I strive for a different type of adventure more - without the hangover.

It’s been a pleasure Dolly. What are you up to after this interview is done?

Snoozing.:) love you!

Have you got a message for your masses of fans and our lovely Elite readers?

Stay wild, moon child. Finally, will you be coming back to us shortly as we can’t get enough of you! Of course, just you try and stop me.

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