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Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex! Featured

She's married, but don't think that's reduced Anikka's love of rooting!

It's comforting to know that marrying woodsman Mick Blue hasn't cramped Anikka Albrite’s sexual style one little bit. The shag-mad adult film goddess still needs to scratch that Carnal Itch on a daily basis. If anything, the 28-year-old Denver native has turned things up a notch, as she explains in the following interview.

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Whwat's the hardest thing about being married when you're both in the jiz biz, Anikka?

Sometimes we‘II have sex in the morning and I love it when Mick cums inside me. But he can't cos he has to go do a scene and save it. So that's frustrating.

How about KNOWING that he’s banging other chicks on the set?

I’ve been there sometimes when he’s worked with other women. And I enjoy watching him have sex...IT TURNS ME ON. It doesn’t bother us. We’re very monogamous. We don't fool around with other people outside of work.

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Thankfully, marriage hasn’t ruined your desire to fuck anything that moves in your flix. What gets you off, matey?

"Everything! I like choking, spanking, pulling hair...even spitting. I also really like smells and taste. I love licking the sweat off my partner during really intense sex!”

Wow! Anything else?

"I get off on having sex in public and in crazy places. Recently, I had sex on a plane while the passenger next to me was sleeping. It was great! I pulled up my dress and Mick SPOONED me while we were right there in our seats. The guy next to me never said a word!”

You and Mick root professionally as well as off camera. What’s the difference between the two?

“Off-screen, we don’t have to do a set amount of positions...it doesn't matter. We also do kinkier stuff at home as compared to what we do on-screen."

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Sounds intriguing. Got a fave possie, mate?

“If you want to try something a little different, I recommend up-and-over piledriver. It is so amazing getting filled up completely and POUNDED in this position. There's nothing else to do but hold onto something and enjoy the ride! Many times I BITE MYSELF 'cos the penetration is so intense...! Kind a lose it and turn into an animal!"

Your butt is incredible.

“I love my bum and curves. I've found many people love them, too!"

A hard boner is penetrating Anikka Albrite's cunt during hardcore banging

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

Anikka Albrite: Queen of sex!

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